Screen Printing

Best for Logos and Large Quantity Orders

Screen Printing is a great low cost option when it comes to large orders and orders that have less than 6 colors. Screen Printing is a highly requested customization technique due to it’s smooth feel on the garment. There are techniques we use to print full-color logos and designs but for budget or bulk prints screen printing is the way to go!

Benefits of Screen Printing Include:
  • A long-lasting and durable print
  • Incredible color saturation on both light and dark-colored garments
  • Extremely versatile: can accommodate many styles, specialty prints, and fabrics
  • Ideal for:
    • Large orders (minimum of 24)
    • Designs with up to 8 colors
Full-Color Prints:

With special Screen Printing techniques we can also produce full-color prints. This type of print is used to achieve highly detailed screen prints with special half-tone printing techniques.

How Screen Printing works:

Screen printing uses negative images, separated by color that are “burned” into a screen allowing for the coated emulsion to wash out behind the image and harden in all the other parts of the screen. Each color in an image has to be burned into it’s own screen. After a screen is created Plastisol or Water-based inks are loaded onto the screen and squeegeed across the screen, through the logo design on the screen and onto the clothing garment which is then heated to insure a permanent adhesion.  

This is why low-colored and high quantity orders can be accomplished using this technique for the best price, compared to other custom techniques. 


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