Heat Pressing

Heat PressBest for Numbers, Names and Logos


We use Heat Pressing in a number of ways! The two most popular are numbers or names but as new technology develops we have had great success with logos as well!

Numbers and Names:

If you are looking to set-up a Team/Club Store and want to add Numbers and Names as an add-on option to clothing, it’s as simple as choosing your color and font. We will then heat press your selected style onto the garment after checkout.


Another Amazing and Durable use for Heat Pressing is LOGOS! The two main logo types are Screen Printed – Heat Transfers and Full Color – Heat Transfers.

Screen Printed – Heat Transfers: Best for 1 or 2 color logos.
  • Pros: Very Soft to the touch. Adheres to the fabrics very well.
  • Cons: The price increase with each additional color in the logo. Similar to Screen Printing.
Full Color – Heat Transfers: Best for many colors, these allow for gradients.
  • Pros: The amount of colors doesn’t increase the price. Adheres to the fabrics very well.
  • Cons: The logo, although still soft to the touch, is a little stiffer on the fabric for BIG logos.
Why Teams and Schools use Heat Press Logos:

We have had many Teams and Schools ask us to use this type of Clothing Customization. It allows for quick turnarounds on small orders or large orders and extremely quick printing all season. We keep the logos on hand and when a Player, Parent or Fan comes in the store it takes about 5-minutes to press a logo on any of the blank clothing we have in the store!

Additional Information:

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