Best for Logos and Small Numbers on Hats & Bags


We use Embroidery in a number of ways! A few of the most common uses are small logos on polos and jackets, logos on hats and customized names/numbers on bags, jackets, etc.

High Quality

Embroidery gives a higher quality feel that screen printing and other customization techniques aren’t able to do. Embroidery is typically seen on polos and other expensive garments due to it’s 3D and professional look. It is long lasting and worked through the material instead of just pressed or printed on top. 


Embroidery, uses stock thread choices to design images unlike screen printing or other ink based customization services where you can mix colors together, embroidery is more limited when it comes to matching a color exactly. There are many color options! Just always something to be aware of when wanting to pick out colors in our thread color books. 

Why Teams, Schools and Companies use Embroidery:

This service is most commonly used when it comes to hats, polos and custom name/number add-ons. It’s easily customizable from one item to the next and allows for small and large scale custom orders. It also is a great way to really make an apparel item stand out in the crowd! 

Additional Information:

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